Bryan Keith Green 1961-2015

I write this in a state of sadness, numbness and denial. The latter being a state I’m growing to embrace because the truth is just too painful.

Our friend and brother, Bryan Green passed away in his home on Monday June 8 at 53 years old.

Bryan’s 6′ 5″ stature stood second only to his larger than life personality and his larger than life laughter, both of which he shared freely. He lived here for over 20 years and knew people from every segment of the Provincetown community, all of which he had mutual love for. If you knew Bryan, you loved him. I remember a day when I walked with him from his massage studio to the bank. Normally a two minute walk, it took a half hour because Bryan stopped to talk with and/or hug everyone he knew along the way, always with a smile, always with love, always reciprocated.

Bryan became my friend in 2001 when he became the doorman for Mates Leather Weekend, a position he held for 14 years. He quickly became the face of MLW. MLW regulars knew him by name and would look forward to seeing him. He was my backbone. Having him at the door allowed me to focus on other elements of the event.

To me, Bryan was a friend, a brother, a man of honor and a man of truth. He made me feel respected, loved, protected, and admired and I couldn’t be more blessed than to have had him in my life. He was also a poker buddy and a brother at King Hiram’s Lodge of Freemasons.

He was forever the drama queen, forever the gossip queen and now forever missed beyond measure. Thank you, Bryan, for all you’ve done for me and thank you for the years of laughter and love and thank you for being you. To quote you, as I’ve often done, “What am I gonna do?”

Peace be with you,

Your friend, Rick