Tex | Washington, DC

I had a blast as I know everyone else did too. It was clearly the best gathering so far. I am serious. If you need a spokesman to advertise the event, let me know.

Paul & Michael | NYC

I’m just writing to say what a really great time my boyfriend, Mike & I had. Thanks so much for going to all that trouble to put together such an amazing weekend. You guys do an incredible job. I had so much fucking fun! I can’t wait for next year.

Steve Smith

Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the weekend! It was my first time at Mate’s and I had a great time. I’ll plan to be there next year.

Name withheld

My ass and my ego want to thank you. Both are probably a little swollen but there is still a big smile on my face.

Richard & Dennis

DAMN! You guys did it again! Didn’t think you could top Mates ’05, but you certainly did with Mates ’06! Can’t imagine what’s in store for ’07, but it’s making us horny just thinking about it..GRRR..WOOF! Thanks Mike and Rick for all your hard work.

Joey | Provincetown, MA

You’ve done it again! Another hot, fucking Mates Weekend. An awesome X Anniversary! I had a great time and definitely lost any inhibitions — to say the least — met some friendly, very playful guys and got to wear leather all weekend. Looking forward to next time!